Our Mission

"We strive to be one with God and Nature by understanding Guru Nanak's message in Gurbani and living the Sikh way of life."

Who are we?

We, the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation (GGSF), is drawn together by the shared vision of a future that is more just, humane, sustainable, accepting and affirming for all.

We achieve our mission through following steps:

- GGSF promotes the learning of Gurbani and its meaning among Sikh people and particularly among Sikh youth
- GGSF speaks for the rights and freedoms of Sikhs around the world
- GGSF works to increase the participation of the Sikh community in the religious social, cultural, educational, economic and political fabric of the American society.
- The Foundation works for creating more awareness and understanding about Sikh faith and its traditions among Americans and around the world.
- GGSF works for society which promotes mutual respect, justice and human rights for all.
- GGSF organizes service for the most disadvantaged section of the society.
- GGSF also advocates policies benefiting all humanity from the perspectives of the Sikh heritage.
- GGSF promotes and works for dialogue, respect and understanding among all religions.