Langar For Seniors and Citizens Living in Montgomery County Shelters (COVID-19)

Guru Gobind Singh Foundation started preparing food for 80-100 people, and this is being sent to various centers run by the Montgomery County. From the last 14 days, meals are prepared and individually packed, and either it is picked up, or our volunteers take them to various shelters. The local government officials are very appreciative of this help by the Sikh community. The cost of the grocery and packaging is coming to about $850.00/each. We are delighted that many members of our community from all over the Washington area have come forward to sponsor these meals financially. We are committed until April 30 and may continue if the local centers need it. This is truly an act of sewa – a blessing of Guru Nanak!

Satwinder Singh and Paramjit Singh Sunak have been doing everything for this langar sewa  – shopping, preparation, cooking, packing, and many times delivering food if county officials are not able to provide drivers. Please consider sponsoring meals for seniors and people in the shelters during this challenging time. 




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