Our History

Our History

Creation of Our Center

Guru Gobind Singh Foundation (GGSF) is a Gurdwara that is a Spiritual Center an institution with a vision to create worldwide awareness regarding Sikhs and Sikhism. Since its very inception in 1985, GGSF’s mission has been to enhance the image of Sikhs thru every possible channel and bring them into the mainstream. It has provided the representation to the Sikh community in various platforms in countless ways. It has consistently worked to create awareness among Americans at large regarding Sikhs and Sikhism. GGSF also focuses on service oriented projects on behalf of Sikhs to implement the Sikh concept of Sewa (voluntary service).

GGSF has been invited, time and again, to the White House and other governmental agencies, regarding the issues concerning the Sikhs in America Its leadership was the first ever Sikh representation to be invited to the White House in 1993. GGSF has been active in the interfaith affairs since 1987 and basically initiated the involvement of the Sikhs in the interfaith affairs in local, national and international level. It has worked with Sikh religious leadership in Punjab on many issues. GGSF has also worked actively after the 9/11 issues affecting Sikhs as well.

Apart from regular Sunday Diwans, GGSF conducts Gurmat/Punjabi classes, Kirtan classes, Friday Diwans, Gatka classes in the Washington DC metro area. Its annual summer camps are immensely popular among the Sikh youth. The new facility of GGSF’s Gurdwara Sahib was inaugurated on October 2, 2005. This Sikh center has become an important hub of Sikh activities and major Sikh initiatives in America and this will continue to increase GGSF’s diverse activities manifold.

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